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Hamm's Hoppers

Our hoppers are the best in the business


Hamm Hoppers are the best in the business, for your farm. Our 27’ and 24’ hoppers are engineered to give you peace of mind and optimum strength. They are built with tubing instead of angle iron, a double band for rigidity, and pipe for bracing instead of a plate. Welded by employees with years of experience in this industry. 

  • Standard hoppers have a 35º slope
  • 18” rack and pinion discharge on 24 foot hopper
  • 20” rack and pinion discharge on 27 foot hopper
  • 20” square ‘manhole’
  • Double outer band reinforced with pads creating a boxed effect
  • ANY SIZE up to 2709!
  • 27” discharge clearance

We also repair any brand of hopper, including installing manholes, aeration or skids.

Hoppers Options

The following are available as options on your custom hopper: 

  • Leg extensions for more clearance
  • 40º and 45º slopes
  • Custom skid configurations and sizes
  • Stiffener brackets
  • Custom discharge brackets for automatic gates
  • Up to quad ring 4×6 skid
  • We make hoppers for ALL BRANDS of new and existing bins

Standard Sizes

From our biggest 27’ hopper to our 4’ mini, we make the size you’re looking for.

  • 18” adjustable discharge with a rack and pinion opener rolling on urethane rollers with ball bearings.


  • 2709
  • 2408
  • 2108
  • 19-6
  • 1806
  • 14-6

Aeration (Option)

Aeration is a great way to cool your grain if it came off a bit tough, and just needs to be cooled down.

We offer:

  • Our own 16’ x 24” inverted V
  • Our own 16’ x 16’ x 24” X-box design
  • AGI horizontal
  • AGI rockets

These can be used on almost any hopper, and retrofitted to any size. We can also build any custom design of your choice.

Repair (Option)

We can change existing hopper skids, install new aeration, or change outlet to our rack and pinion design.

We have many hoppers available on site,
call us to book an appointment to check them out.

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